Mother Hubbard’s – Factoids on Fish and Chips

Did you know……..?

On Fridays in the UK, 20% of meals purchased outside the home are purchased from a fish and chip shop!

On average, fish and chips contain 1/3 less calories than other popular takeaways.

Average Fat Content per 100g Amount of Calories per 100g

Cod and chips 9.42 & 595

1/4lb Cheeseburger & chips 13.30 & 890

Doner kebab 16.20 & 924

Pizza 11.0 & 871

Chicken korma 15.5 & 910

As you can see, fish and chips is one of the most healthiest takeaway meals you can eat. So you can enjoy fish and chips with the knowledge you are eating one of the most nutritious takeaways you can buy.