Mother Hubbard’s – Product (Where do they come from?)

Sustainable Fishing

We only source our fish from sustainable sources. All the fish that we use can be traced back to our suppliers, who in turn, can see from which area and which vessel the fish was caught.


Fish Today – Fish Tomorrow

The FAS cod, haddock, rock, skate and plaice used in our fish and chip shop came from the cold, well managed waters of the Barents Sea, North of Norway and the North Atlantic, off Iceland and the Faroe Islands.
The fish is plentiful here and through fishing policies designed to ensure good stocks, we intend to be supplying you with your favourite fish for many years to come! email:



We only use the best quality ingredients that we can buy. The potatoes that we use can also be traced back to who grew them. Most times of the year we use locally naturally grown potatoes from Clay Pit farm Necton only a few miles away from us, who grow them especially for us. The variety of potatoes we use varies depends on the time of year.
We start with maris bard for our early crop and then start frying Markies when this stock runs out and we move on to main crop potatoes .
We try hard to achieve and maintain high standards with the quality of our food which means buying best quality ingredients. Over the years we have built up good relationships with our suppliers, who in turn, advise us and supply us with the best quality we can buy, so we can give our customers good quality food.